Friday, 29 May 2009

It's Friday

thank goodness it's Friday - I'm off to see one of my fav bands tonight "counting crows" it has been cancelled twice before so it has taken the edge of the excitement slightly! I am going to London tomorrow and then have the whole of next week off - so expect some postings. I am also studying for an MBA and so part of the week (as with the rest of my life) will have to be given over to writing an assignment as the MBA never stops, no hols allowed, you just make up the time if you take one.

anyway, thought I would share something I had added to my craft room wall. A great way to enjoy your paper stash and not give it away! I also love the little doll in the kimono. I didn't buy the stamps but instead bought sheets of the images of the dolls as I think by the time I have used those I will have had my fun with them. I have also sent this into one of the card mags for the letter page - so you may see it in print.

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