Saturday, 15 August 2009


Had a go at making some simple cards last night as I have seen a lot of this style and they seem so elegant. I did not want to leave that hideous card I made as my last post, so these aren't for a challenge just for me. I did find that I am too messy to make these cards LOL. I did this first one and found a tiny speck at the top of the card- where did that come from? So, to cover my tracks had to chalk the background.

Then I did these two. Also found that the ribbon was not too easy to stick down in a straight line so resorted to ready glued stuff.

Then I had a final go with this one and it seems to me the best. I posted them in the Docrafts gallery and this one got the most votes so far.

Then today disaster struck, well I struck myself with a kitchen knife doing something stupid! Blood everywhere, couldn't get it to stop. Had to cancel going to the hairdresser, who I find is leaving and so can't make another appointment with her - aaggh. Hurts to type so have to limit this. So no card making either, had to study!!!

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Lynne in NI said...

Great set of cards Linby - and I agree that the simple cards are definately the hardest to make! (...and usually take me the most time too!)