Saturday, 14 November 2009

Imagine this....snow

On 365 cards today - yeah I am actually doing a challenge on the day it is posted! - day 259 is "imagine this...snow". My Joy at snow of course is confined to when I don't have to go anywhere in it, then I am less than joyful about it all. Not sure you can see the ribbon but it says "let it snow" across it.
I am pleased with this card in the fact that I have recycled the "joy" tag from the front of the Liz Earle paper brochure it received - it was a shame not to as it is high quality embossing. By the way I use her cleanse and polish - it is excellent and smells lovely.


Rose said...

this is a perfect card for the challenge! love the papers :0) to answer your question...i first print the digi on plain paper (for the printer) then i cut the pattern paper to fit a little larger then the part i want to use it on and tape it to the first copy (use the pink hair tape sold at beauty supply shops as is kinder to your costly paper.) then just put back into printer and reprint, do this until you have all the pieces you want. if you need more help just email me at :0)

Mojo Hugs said...

Love your card. I'm off to make one too!

fabricbutterfly said...

Beautiful card, and I know what you mean it was good today to get the card done on the right day!!