Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday - desk -what's on it?(WOYWW)

Had to leave work early today and then go and have some cells taken from a gland in my neck at the hospital - so what did I think about to get me through it......... WOYWW - honestly, it was so comforting. The Registrar asked if I would pass out or anything (?) he looked really worried that I might which made me think I might - anyways here I am all ok.

Here's my desk. Bit of a dumping ground because I have just received my lovely candy over on the right side from Vee as part of the ABC Christmas Challenge blog hop. Also, I have some PTI goodies on the way as I won their card challenge this week.

My Craftwork card order came too - I have embossed kraft paper -ooh it is lovely. The wooden stamps and the aclyric ones next to them are from 123 stitch in the USA with whom I just happened to put in a small order. I've got my Me time anya set with 20% off from Nutcrafters.
Started to colour in the Joanna Sheen cake stand - can't decide now what colours to do the other cakes. I've done the obvious strawberries, cherries and jam in the rolls - suggestions welcomed.
I needed to find a purpose for the lid of the ferroro rocher box so I made it a "to do/in progress tray" not sure how long that will last though!
Had time to contemplate waiting at the hospital this afternoon about the WOYWW and "what the point of it is" I think it's about being a part of something and a bit of being nosey! So anyone who hasn't yet shared their desk please join in - would love to see your creative space as well as your creations. Just click on the WOYWW link and post a link to a photo.


Susie Sugar said...

I hope your feeling ok after being poked about at the hospital (was the doc good looking !?), didn't mean to rush you Sis but well you know how I love your desk, I have some of what your showing this week but as you know I don't have the JS cake stamps and I think your just showing them again this week to rub my nose in it !! You little minx !! Lol
I will give you the heads up on the eBay stuff only if you promise to tell me straight away next time JS has them cake stamps on special !!! Or any other yummy foody stamps you see anywhere else on your travels please xx
Right you have a nice relaxing evening after what you have been through put your feet up and have some chocolate or a cake !!
Love Susie xx

Ramona said...

Hi Linby,

I also hope your test goes well and I hope you get lots of good comments today to lift your spirits! Your link wasn't working from Julia's blog (I'm sure linking wasn't tops on your mind!) but I was enterprising and found your desk anyway! I'm glad I did - ooh, what goodies you have on display! I love that woodie with the "mom" saying on it - where is that from?

Anyway, come visit when you have a moment - let Legend soothe your spirit!

Ramona :-)

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Linby,
What a tidy desk (compared to mine anyway). It certainly looks a hive of activity.
Hope all is well with the tests. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Special Hugs,
Fiona x

Kaz said...

Aaww have a hug Linby, I hope it wasn't too bad and you don't have a sore throat. I agree with Susie, choc is always the answer!

Love your desk today - I've made some new blogging buddies through WOYWW and have become a few £££ lighter too, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm now going to try and find those inkadinkadoo clear swirlies as they look lovely! Naughty you! xxx

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Hope your ok & everything is going to be ok. I cheated with the cuttle bug I leaned over from the sofa!!

Loving your new stash x

Linda Elbourne said...

Poor you ... have a hug from me too ... glad you got to WOYWW though ... such lush looking stash :0) Now go find chocolate X

Chrissie said...

Looks like a bumper bundle of new stuff to me. Aren't you going to have fun with that lot. Hope all went well at the hospital. My son and daughter-in-law are doctors, I like to think that they're sympathetic to their patients too!

Biscuitlid said...

Hi Lynn
hope you're not too sore after today. Cross your fingers the snow and ice go away fast for Saturday, I'm starting to panic!!

Soooo jealous of your desk, I would suggest locking your door and deadlocking it as I'd be round later but it's too icy!!

Have a lovely evening

Rose said...

I hope your feeling better and all went well :) wow you have tons of goodies on your desk!!

butlersabroad said...

Oh Linby, I hope you're feeling better soon. Now you have a desk there that I can identify with... it's full of new goodies, just waiting to be stroked and played with! I love Inkadinkado stamps. I had myself a little retail therapy yesterday too and now my desk is not quite a neat as in my photo as I've got a bunch of new stuff on it to admire!

Take care,