Wednesday, 6 January 2010

WOYWW New Year 2010

I should be on a train to London when you read this - it is snowing heavily here but I should be able to make it to the station on the Tram if not by car. Daren't leave my car at the station in this weather in case I can't get it out of the carpark when I get back in the evening! EDITED 5.40PM-Home now with a cup of tea - think some Londoners were surprised to see my wellies as there was no snow when I got to London!

So to my desk. Well I just today got a new delivery from Joanna Sheen. Those tea time stamps are hers complete with little butterfly cakes and everything, and were reduced from £14.99 to £4.99 - amazing and sold out now before you hop over there;) She does free p&p but minimum order is £5 so had to add a new set of promarkers to the order as well. Rest of my desk has the digis I have been printing off, (because otherwise I will forget I have them) to colour in and will no doubt be featuring on a card soon. Looking at it now seems I have a CAKE theme going on, if only I could not eat them and just look at them instead.

Eagle eyes will spot some iron on Betty Boops - got them from Etsy ages ago and in my semi-sort out thought I should be reminded of them so along with some card I have had for years and can't find a use for they will be propped up there for awhile. Also have some darling little stickers that came with my Marc Jacobs Spring Daisy perfume, you are meant to decorate the bottle with them. I stuck a few on but then thought they would be better served on cards.


Biscuitlid said...

oooh lucky you getting those fab stamos for that price, feeling quite jealous they are gorgeous!

Love the Betty Boops too, can't wait to see what you do with them. Kind of hope you didn't make your train as weather sounds much worse down that way now than we have here.

Hope you get home safely


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Yes I was thinking how great those Betty Boop things were, but didn't realise they were iron-ons. What a bargain with those stamps :) I like the Promarkers ;)
Anne x

Rosie said...

Lots of lovely crafty busyness going on here!! Those markers look good too ... innit fun having a nosy around other people's desks??

Pam said...

Love the new stamps. My wellies were laughed at work today but at least i had dry feet!

Hugs Pam x

Susie Sugar said...

Hi crafty twin !!! you got me all excited when I saw them there cake stamps I ran over top speed to JS only to find ...All gone, I should have read on first !! lol
The look lovely I bought the chocolate ones back in the summer but haven't opened the pack yet !! naughty aren't I lol
You got some nice stash on your desk this week but those stamps are the best I will have to keep an eye out for them
Hugs Susie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Glad you got home safe and sound Lynn. I popped back to say wow - India Knight - thanks! And then I see that my comment this morning hasn't shown up yet....I probably clicked away in a hurry. I said something about your shopping skill at bargain bagging, and I think the cake 'thing' is a time of year thing...comfort ya know. Still loving the fashion stamp!

Carmen said...

Ooh, lots of interesting little things tucked away on your desk there. Your little blue bowl is gorgeous and am loving the Betty Boops :)

Carmen said...

Ooh, lots of interesting little things tucked away on your desk there. Your little blue bowl is gorgeous and am loving the Betty Boops :)

Chrissie said...

I enjoyed this nosey around. Lots of new yummy stuff Linby! I can see a little clear table top, I'm not sure if that's allowed!
Enjoy your purchases!

Kaz said...

Your desk photo is full of scrumminess today Linby, I had a good cyber rummage through, thanks! xxx