Monday, 15 March 2010

Dressmakers dummies........

I always used to make my own clothes from about the age of 13. The scrapbook page shows me wearing a dress I made in  1978,  which I was so proud of, very Laura Ashley but not in the real material as it was too expensive! I have always loved things with sewing items on them and dressmakers dummies. The cross stitch picture I stitched in 1995. When I tried to get the pattern I was wrongly told it was discontinued so I wrote to a x-s magazine and asked if anyone had the pattern I could borrow. This began the friendships I have with people around the world. In particular my friend in the USA who I went to stay with, and my friend in Australia who has been over here and met me twice. When I had finished the x-s picture my then MIL said "oh lovely....why hasn't that lady got a head???" (I kid you not and she was a seamstress too!). It still makes me laugh to see this picture and remember her remark. So I was doing a bit of daydreaming and realised that I had also purchased these three little mannequins that sit in my bedroom, in front of a couple of cards I have made and can't bear to part with. Then sitting at my desk I realised that one of my pieces of research for my MBA has a dummy on it too! How spooky is that - could that be why I was actually drawn to the paper rather than for its academic merits LOL!
No cards at the moment - and yet I have more time.Saturday I spent tidying my stash and think it is under better control - for now!  Still another rework for the dissertation but this is hopefully the last.
My OH Mother had me hook line and sinker at the weekend. She said very casually had Stewart told me she had been going to card making classes - NO I said thinking they could have told me. She gets a card out of the drawer and says what did I think, well it was really good and I am saying so and saying how I am glad she is making cards when they both start laughing and she says " I bought it at the charity shop" but we thought it would be a good laugh to let you think I had made it! She should be on the stage the little tinker I fell right into that one.


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Linby,
This was a great post because I feel I lwearned a lot about you and your crafting. I used to cross stitch as well. I fact my hubby got hooked on it when he worked away from home weekdays for 3 years. In fact we have a framed 4foot by 3foot canvas he did in our main sitting room.
Fiona x

Lisa Jane said...

LOved reading your post - i also made most of my own clothes when i was younger. I used to have a saturday job near a market and in my lunchtime would pop out buy a couple of yards of material and by 8pm that night ( finishing work at 5) i would be out in my new outfit!!
Those were the days eh? Today you can buy an outfit for less than the zip and buttons lol! The only thing i sew these days are curtains!
Loved the story about our mum too i bet you had a real laugh.
Lisa ;)

Paula Gale said...

Oh Lynn - you are so clever. You must have loads of patience to do X-S. Thats why i did those candles as i got instant results... not a patient bone in my body!!!

Love the mannequins - which have been very en-vogue recently!!!

How the dissertation coming on - have you handed it in yet. I think a celebration should be had when you hand it in and another when you pass!!!

Paula x x x


Aww how lovely to hear about your love of dressmaking, I grew up around material and pretty frocks as mum is a seamstress, I remember me and my sis
pulling out her clients fabrics and draping them all over ourselves while wearing high heals, then walk on our imaginary cat walk LOL.
I hope your dissertation will be perfect soon so that you can relax. hugs xxx

Cardarian said...

Oh so you used to be good at sewing - looks like a lovely dress you made there - I used to do a lot of sewing, when my daughter was little I used to sew everything for her...I still do sewing now and then but not much dressmaking - it is more decorative the mannequins - always wanted one of those! All the best with your dissertation!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lovely post Lin :) Made me laugh, hehe. Can't believe your MIL saying that about the dressmakers' dummy! Lovely cross-stitch pic. I still do a bit, well I should say I do have one or two that I will finish one day LOL. How lovely you've made such good friends. I bought myself a dummy last year and it's been draped with some wool fabric ever since, just waiting till I decide what I'm going to do with it :-/
Good luck with the dissertation.
Anne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how funny! Love the story aboutthe dressmaker forms too - strange how we're drawn to certain things.

butlersabroad said...

You really have done it all haven't you? Love the dressmakers dummies, they're really ornate and cool!