Wednesday, 10 March 2010

WOYWW 10.3

I got my latest SU order and only got time to put together the greenhouse garden set and have a quick play as you can see on my desk top - the blue splodges! Not sure now that I have enough inks that tone together to make this work as well as I would like! The other two sets are waiting to be put together. You can see my latest stash from the USA too - Websters papers which I could not find anywhere overhere and some other odds and ends to make the P&P viable!! I've also had my MS stamps out that go with my glitter set, keep forgetting about them as they are not with my other stamps and there are some cute bunnies which could be for Easter cards. You can see the remnants of my last Xmas card where I ran out of alphabet.
Yesterday I met up with Paula of Paula's Paper Playground I say met, I think I almost moved in with her. I arrived at 1.30pm and left at 9.30pm - good thing her husband wasn't around 8 hours of two women talking non-stop except when we were laughing. I had such a good time and it is all down to linking up to her via WOYWW - good service you provide Julia! I also met her lovely sons, cats and her adorable dog Dylan who has the softest coat he is a real sweetheart.


Linda Elbourne said...

Great desk hun ... and meeting Paula too .... how cool ...

Biscuitlid said...

oooooooooh now that's what I call stash Lynn! I'd be happy as a pig in....whatever sitting at your desk!

Enjoy all your new goodies

Vicki said...

ooh websters pages ROCK!!! have a great day xx

Crafty Chris said...

Was goona ask you about the papers they look delish, and where do you get the WS on top ( the dress dummies), love all your stash, those flowers look good, cant wait to see what you do with them. its lovely meeting someone you chat with on the internet, sounds like you had a good time Paula is really nice.
Christine x

Clare said...

Your desk has some lovely things on it!
It sounds like you had a great day with Paula. What a wonderful place blogland is!
Clare x

Pam said...

Great desk. All you new stash looks great, I've ordered some new stampin up bit just waiting for them to arrive. Hugs Pam x

Penni said...

Oh look at all those lovely good on your desk - Yummmy!!!


Crafty Chris said...

Hi Linby
I mean the ones on top of the box above forever friends bear
Thanks Christine x

Cardarian said...

Hiya Linby!

I see you have been a busy bee....ah how many lovely stamps - really nice!
I wish I was a fly on the wall when you and Paula were chatting away - so lucky you live close to each other - I am miles away from everything but I am glad blogging brings us together!
Enjoy your new stash

Helen said...

Great looking desk!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Lynn - I'm really late getting round everywhere today/night - i've had some visitors from work!
I bet you were surprised at my 'after' pics of my desk - your's is much more tidy that my 'before' shot...

It was really great meeting you yesterday and chatting non-stop!!! I think you are being somewhat diplomatic though when you used the phrase 'lovely sons' tee hee... I felt like I'd known you for ages!

You have the mag with the fat cat stamp on - i'm playing a bit of I spy to see how many have this and the mag with the easter bunny on!

We certainly have a lot to thank Julia for, for bringing us all together. Would love to meet more people

Hope work wasn't too bad after your long weekend


Paula x x x

tkelli said...

lol you say we have the best stuff in the US, but I always end up buying from the UK because I can't find the stuff here! LOL

Sussie said...

You have so many beautiful stamps! I love all creative spaces so this Wednesday fun is great!
I wish you a great weekend!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Lynn those papers are beautiful. Gawd, I can't possibly need more!! AM so jealous of your afternoon-ish with Paula, how fab thatyou live close enough to hook up! Small world never more true than on blogger!

Wipso said...

How lucky are you to have had a day with Paula. We all have a lot to thank Julia for don't we.
A x

Susie Sugar said...

Oh I'm really jealous you and Paula got to craft together and I was here with no one to play with !! lol Susie no mates !! lol
That black SU stamping guide thingy in the middle of the photo is it any help? do I need it ?
Oh please please sis can you tell me where I cane buy 6x6 webster pages paper I have searched every where all sold out I need it BADLY !! lol
Love your desk I am still catching up from yesterday
Hugs Susie xx

Spyder said...

Oho, I love your little shelves for your stamps. I could do with lots of those in lots of different sizes to put lots of little things in. I like to have all the things I like near me, which means there's not much room for me!! Hope we get to see what you do with the flowers

Anonymous said...

I need so many of the things on your desk, he, he. Love the manakin image too.

butlersabroad said...

Oh I love all of your new goodies, and your old goodies too! That paper is too delish for words, must look out for some at the craft stores. How cool is it that you and Paula got to hook up? You'll be like Twiglet and Wipso before you know it!! Have a great weekend and enjoy Durham again next week!


Sarita said...

Now that's my kinda craft room!! Your stash looks amazing!
Love Sarita xx

Wipso said...

Good morning Lynn,
Thank you for your suggestions for new dumflings. I love a new challenge and hope you like my latest lavender pic and the new white daisy picture :-)
As they say...your wish is my command :-)
Love and hugs,
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Can't believe I missed this on Wednesday Lin :-/ Lots of fab stamps and papers :) glad you had a lovely time at Paula's
Anne xx

Wipso said...

Hi Lynn.I've tried emailing you to the address you gave me but it keeps being returned to me :-( will put my message here to you....

Good morning Lynn,

Thank you so much for your comment. Am I correct in thinking the message
you want on the front of your picture is "Aren't daisies just the friendlist
flowers"? I will have a go at setting up my sewing machine to write it on a
ribbon or something. [Not too sure how I will achieve it at the mo but happy
for the challenge].I'm happy to have a go but will run it by you before I do
anything permanent.
Big hugs,
Annie x
My email addy is

Inger said...

Wooooowww, what an exciting desk with lots of goodies!! Amazing! :)

♥ Hugs, Inger