Friday, 11 June 2010

Free digi and awards

This lovely little fella is available as a free digi for one week only at Nutcrafters. They have two other designs suitable for Fathers Day/Mens cards so pop over get the free digi and see the other ones too. Look out on my blog for a card made with one of the digis as part of the GDT.

I have had three awards given to me over as manydays! So without further ado here they are:-

This is from the very talented Spyder (take a look at her blog and the lovely free images she has).
I'd like to give this to-

This one is from the lovely Lynne at Cards from Lynne's loft (and she really does craft in a loft!). I have to tell you 10 interesting things about myself (I am inserting a disclaimer here, as they may not be interesting but just weird!)
1. When I was little and I got new shoes, my Mum would always tell the shopkeeper that we didn't want the box. Now I see this makes sense as it is lighter to carry but I think this is why I now have an obsession with boxes and having them.
2. I don't like fairground rides. I did go on the teacups at Alton towers but that was scary!
3. Despite the look of my desk most weeks, I am very tidy in all other areas.
4. I don't have a middle name.
5. I had an early menopause when I was 33.
6. I can touch type.
7. I hold a 2nd degree in Reiki healing
8. I can't eat chocolate after about 7.30pm due to a hiatus hernia- you don't want to know about what happens if I do, let's just say it is enough to make me not eat it late.
9. I never took any language lessons at school. I did German at night-school to make up for it.
10. I've just bought a Wii fit!

I would like to give this award to the following fab blogs:-

This award is from photo savvy Glen at It's my Life. I have to come up with either 6 truths about me and one lie or vice versa, I will leave you to decide which I chose!
1.I speak 6 languages
2.I am ambidextrous
3.I see it as my duty to be a tidy crafter and set an example to other WOYWWers
4.I once swan the Channel
5.I was a child genius
6.I've eaten my body weight in chocolate for charity in 12 seconds
7.I taught Stella McCartney everything she knows about dress design

I'd like to give this award to:-


Rose said...

Oh girl your too funny!! I think # 2 is the only truth your telling :) thanks for the award I will post it on my blog with the others I have been blessed with in the side show on the right :)

Crafty Chris said...

Thankyou Linby its gorgeous, I love the one with stella,
Christine x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Lyn, there's some stuff in there that is true about me too...lovely cheerful post; am I too far behind to say I like the redecoration?

kayc said...

Thanks Lyn for the award. I am sending you a blog award too. Kathleen x

Chrissie said...

I loved reading all those 'interesting facts' Linby, I believe every one!
Thanks for nominating me for the award too. I'm truly flattered!

Debbie said...

Thanks for my beautiful Blogger award Linby...I really appreciatte you thinking of me.
Debbie x