Monday, 12 July 2010

A holiday and a card

I spent last week in Shropshire on holiday. The weather was probably the best I have ever had on a UK holiday (and I have had a LOT!) - never had my waterproofs on once! The highlight of the week was meeting Wipso and Twiglet and their OHs - they made us feel so at home and welcome. We went for a lovely meal and I totally forgot to take any photos - doh.
Wipso gave me a pointer on where to find a fabric shop in Shrewsbury and I went straight to it. Look out for some small fabric projects coming here soon.....
I've found it hard to get in the crafting mood since I got back, but I have made this card from a Crafts U Print download - it uses Iris folding. Frustratingly the site won't let me upload it at the moment though.
Here are a few pictures from the hol. I am not going to attempt to do anything fancy with them - it takes too long! There are some poor Teddies with their heads on spikes from the Merrythought premises at Ironbridge. Some baby swans with their parents. Stokesay castle - where I could happily spend all my days - I love this place and this is the second time I have been, the audio tour is great and I would recommend it if you are in the area.


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Lynn,
This is a fab example of iris folding. I love the dress you have created.
Glad you had a good holiday and glad to see you back.
Fiona x

Lynne said...

I can only echo Lil Daffodils comments. Lovely card, pleased you enjoyed your hols.
Lynne xxx
P.S. Love the new blog layout.

kayc said...

Lovely card. I'm glad you had a good holiday! Kathleen x

Cardarian said...

Oh lovely photos and that card looks fab! Yes I find it hard to do crafting after I come back from a holiday - don't worry you will soon get back in the mood! So happy you met up with Wipso and Twiglet - lovely ladies they are!
Glad you are back!

Wipso said...

So pleased we had the chance to meet up. Really glad you enjoyed your visit to our beautiful county and found the best material shop in Shrewsbury....look forward to seeing what you make with the material now :-)
A x

Merry said...

Wow...wonderful photos and what a fantastic card. I have never seen iris folding like that...lovely.

Biscuitlid said...

what an excellent sample of iris folding - so clever. Love the bears on the posts lol!

See you tomorrow for our crafty sesh!

Chrissie said...

What fabulous pictures Linby!
I recognised Stokesay Castle immediately, although I've never seen it in person. I have a Graham Clarke etching where it is the central feature. Because of the similarity to my surname, (Stokes) I'd love to visit it!

Rose said...

oh what a beautiful place to visit and those baby swans are precious. awesome card girl :)

Ann said...

What a fabulous project Lindby - really clever folding! Love the photos too - those poor teddies! My sister lives in Ironbridge but I've never noticed them - must have a look next time!