Saturday, 28 August 2010

A card and awards

Something a bit different from me. I've added some ribbons along the edge of the card as I felt it was a bit boring otherwise. I was aiming for CAS but it didn't really come off. The stamps are from Particraft. The card is for the colour create challenge of Pastel Lilac, mint and yellow.

I've been lucky to receive two awards this week. The first from my lovely blogging friend Fiona (Lil Daffodil). If you haven't been to her blog you must go and see the wonderful flowers she creates.
I have to chose 7 blogs I like to visit and pass it onto them. Of course I have way more than 7 (and Fiona has picked some of those) I'm going to give it to:-
Sugar n Spice - the queen of altering things
Paula's Paper playground - my blogging buddy and RL friend
Cheryl's creative cards and ATCs- so friendly and lovely work. But my blogger doesn't like her blog and won't let me leave comments very often!!!!
Cards from Lynne's Loft - so inspirational
Merry Made Cards and Crafts -A glimpse into Aussie life and a great card maker
My card making haven-Wonderful cards-the queen of mixing pattern DPs.
Liverpool Lou - Always has some wonderful different project. Great commentator and good advice.

My second award is from the talented Lisa at Mess2Magic. She has just been picked for the Ladybugcraftsink DT - well done Lisa. She is great at thinking outside the box and produces some really original work.
I have to tell you 7 interesting facts about myself - well I have done this before and so they may not be that interesting!

1. My Dad taught me tic-tac like you see John McCririck doing on the racing on TV.
2. I used to make all my own clothes
3. A few weeks ago I stood next to Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd on the tube. Too scared to acknowledge him though!
4. I can't ride a bike
5. My graduation ceremony for the MBA is 16 October
6. I can still recite the first 11 books of the Bible -learnt at Sunday School
7. I hadn't used a craft cd rom before I started this blog - now I can't get enough of them

I'm passing this to:-
Penni at Lazy Cats
Chris at Bling kin eck
Gez at Gezzy B's Crafty Bits
Chris at Crafty Chris
Victoria at Blue Jelly Stampin
Kathleen at The Dasiy Chain
Mandy at Diaries of a craftaholic and demented housewife

Plenty of lovely blogs there for you to visit if you haven't been before.


Merry said...

Thank you so much Linby....I am so glad we have the world of blogging and I can meet people like you and see your wonderful creations.

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Lynn,
I love this classy card. Beautiful colours. Well done on your well deserved awards.
Fiona x

Lisa Jane said...

Hi Lynn
It was my pleasure as i love visiting your blog.
Love reading your facts .. have you got a new outfit for your graduation.. bet you are so proud.
Love the card ... i am the same with CAs cards - always think there is something missing
Lisa ;)

kayc said...

Thanks you for the beautiful blog award. I love reading your blog. I have made so many friends since I started blogging. Now to think of 7 interesting facts about myself. Have a good weekend. Kathleen x

Lynne said...

Thank you so much Lynn. Love your card, the colours are gorgeous.

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

thank you so much hunny :)

I love the colours of your card and the flowers, so so pretty, have a great weekend, hugs mandyxx

Suzi said...

Thank you for the award Linby, I will post it asap. Now about your card, I wanted to see this stamp for WOYWW on a card and you've done it. I love the image and I think the card is fab.
Suzi x

Ann said...

Oh dear Linby I'm afraid you've had three awards this week - I awarded you one this morning and forgot to comment to let you know! Really sorry! But please don't feel you have to accept - or you could keep it until you can't think of anything else to post about ;o)

Oh and I love that ribbon on the edge idea - may have to try it myself.

Cheryl said...

oh bless your heart hun its always a pleasure poping over too see what you have created as its always so beautiful sorry about my blog hun,he he maybe its got a few cracks,in like the old biddy,that set it up ha ha thanks again sweetie,will post it soon,hugs cheryl xxxxx

Penni said...

Thanks for this Award Lynn. Now I need to get my thinking cap on and find 7 interesting facts about me - this could take some time !!!

Hope you're well - long time no see!!!


6 wacky women said...

Beautiful card, Linby
Thanks for joining us for the Colour Create Challenge.

Karen x

Paula Gale said...

Hi Lynn

How are you. I'm just on blogger dashboard catching up. Wow - must say thank you very much for the award - i'm gobsmacked. thanks thanks thanks....

I love this card you've done - you didn't say whether the card has been stamped by you - if so, i can see there is a lot of mileage in the stamp... monochrome cards, two toned cards - loads of combinations.

Hope you are OK.

Paula x x x

Mina said...

I think its a brilliant CAS card Linby...thanks for joining in with the Colour Create challenge
Mina xxx

Gez said...

Hi Lynn I've had a lovely time catching up with your crafty creations. So glad you blog! Well done on receiving your awards so richly deserved. Loved reading your facts! Thanks for thinking of me. Sorry, it's been a while since I called life has been so hectic! Take care. Wishing you a great weekend. Hugs, Gez.xx

Sharon said...

Wow! You've really made a beautiful card here. The colours are perfect and the stamps look amazing.
Well done on your awards.
Thanks for joining us at the Colour Create Challenge,
Sharon xx

Karen Howard said...

This is beautiful! Love the soft colors you used. Hugs, Karen

P.S. If you love challenges you are sure to love my new blog: