Saturday, 28 August 2010

The first and last page!

The very talented Amy at Tsuruta Designs has put a challenge on her blog to show the first scrapbook page you did and the last. The idea is to show how your style has changed. This is the very first page I did in 2006-I keep thinking I will redo it because I didn't have a clue and was so nervous to stick anything down. I used the backing paper because I used to be into the Bay City Rollers ( a UK pop band who wore tartan for my non UK friends) and it reminded me of the 70s. I used to go into photo booths and have my picture taken as a treat - we didn't own a polariod so this was as instant as it got LOL! Yes, that does say first perm - a lady down the road did it and I thought it was going to be all curly but no it wasn't!
You can't click on it to make it bigger - it is embarrasing enough as it is.

This is the page I've just made. I've joined to do some research and a lady on there has my paternal tree back to 1742-how easy was that! This is a picture I downloaded of my Great grandparents and their children, except that my Grandfather wasn't born yet so is not on it. I think this is about 1870 and he was born in 1874. These papers are Anna Griffin and I had hoped to be able to one day use a picture that would compliment the papers and here I think it is.


~amy~ said...

Wow!!! I love them!!! Sooo fun to hear the background/history of both of your layouts! Photo booths....sooooo much fun!!! Bay city rollers as in roller derby?!! Or is that a rock band?!

Love your new layout...sooo full of history and vintage goodness....

Thanks so much for joining me in the flashback Friday 2.0 challenge!!! I always enjoy going back in time with everyone!

Lynne said...

Although I haven`t tried scrapbooking yet I keep saying I`m going to. I suppose it`s the same with cards. I did my invitations for our 25th wedding anniversary about 9 years ago and they were terrible. I have to say yours has improved but I like the first one too. BTW I saw Les McKewan on telly the other day,he looks like an aging trucker!!!
Lynne xxx

Lisa Jane said...

wow Lynne i love both pages .. the first one reminds me of my youth .. i used to go to Leeds and me and my friend were also having our pics taken in the booths.. Love the second one what a fabulous picture.

Lisa ;)
ps.. i too had a tartan scarf and trousers lol

Sarita said...

What a fab look back in time Linby! Both are fab pages and a wonderful keepsake,
Love Sarita xx

Rose said...

How fun is your first one??!! your second one is beautiful and what a treasure to have that photo :)

Paula Gale said...

wow - these are fantastic - one day your perm will also go down in history - you'll be on the ancestry website yourself one day!!!

I HAVE to say this... You've improved with age.

Paula x x x

Biscuitlid said...

Do you know I think both of these ar fab. I don't think scrapbooking is about how your page looks, more about what's on it and the memories and these both hit the spot. I love the images on the first one, you were such a cutie weren't you? You still have that cheeky mischievious look about you though!!

ps - you can click to make it bigger!!!