Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Craftrak mosaic

I've been wanting to have a go at making a mosaic of some of my cards for ages. I finally got around to it using flickr and Mosaic Maker free online. Happy with what I have achieved in about 5 mins though. These are all Craftrak cards I have made, A7 size.


Merry said...

There you go, I was thinking you had had a big day cardmaking. Great to see all your wonderful cards together.

Paula Gale said...

You've been busy with the old Craftrak Cards Mrs - I managed to pass on all but those that were made especially for me this week - some are winging their way to you... i intend to make some soon too - and am thinking of making some on the flat out card like a post card... one of the ones i'd recieved with a massive pearl in the centre - i've had to send on in a bloomin jiffy bag - now how daft is that??? Glad to see that most of yours are flat-ish - great that you are the sensible type seeing as we've put the world to rights on those ridiculously layered/decoupaged ones!!!

WHOOP WHOOP at your CD's arriving - have you given them the once over - lots of stuff eh? I like it for the graphics programme best of all - i received the perfect petals one - which is fab and probably one of their best to say its free!

Catch you soon

Paula x xx

One4Joy said...

Hi Linby, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you found a bit of inspiration. I wanted to do the same and to say congratulations on your huge accomplishment of your MBA. I so admire all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

I see from your mosaic we have some similar interest with images. You have Chris Darks' shoe. Do you also have her purse? Check this out, if you have time..

And I love that woman in the mosaic next to the shoes.

Have a wonderful weekend and it was nice to meet a fellow artist today.