Saturday, 20 July 2013

Historical Reading challenge 2013

Being a prolific reader with eclectic tastes I decided to join this year's Historical reading challenge . You chose three books and as you finish each book and review it you are sent the next one. You need to have a blog or a website to enter. Unfortunately the entry date for this year has closed, but if you are interested you can look out for it next year.

Here's my first review for The ways of the world by Robert Goddard:-

This is the first Robert Goddard novel I have read, but have been aware of him as an author for many years eager to get around to reading one his books. I have to say I was a little disappointed having read he was the “master of the triple double-cross”. I felt apart from a couple of twists the book ambled along and was quite pedestrian. The book is very atmospheric and the backdrop of Paris well recognisable.  I realise it is set in 1919 but even so I felt there could have been a little more pace to the writing at times.
The main character was likeable enough and reminded me of Richard Hannay from the 39 Steps, probably due to a similar background, as in leaving the war and becoming an unlikely hero/sleuth. I also liked his sidekick Twentyman whose character I got a real feel for.

The biggest surprise came at the end of the book, when with only pages to go it felt like there was much more about to happen. Was I going to be left wanting? Then it said “to be continued” I hadn’t realised it was a part work, however, the book can be read as a standalone.

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