Friday, 12 June 2015

Hillarys crafts competition

This is my entry into the Hillarys Crafts competition. The challenge was to make something from a 1 metre of Hillary's fabric that was sent to anyone who requested it, and then when you've made your item create a blog post.
These were the fabrics you could choose from.
Craft -Comp -4-part -montage

So this is what I have made, an across body self lined bag. The fabric I chose from Hillarys is called Daisy Pistachio and I loved it at first sight. When I got my material I realised I actually loved the reverse as much as the right side. This is why I decided to make something that showcased both sides of the fabric. You will see this better in my final photo of the back of the bag.

Here's the fabric showing both sides.

I chose these two cottons to sew with, putting one for the top thread and the other for the underneath thread, so that the stitching contrasts on different parts of the bag. I also used a 16/100 needle as although the fabric is not that thick, when you begin to build the layers of fabric you will need a strong needle to get through them all.
Step one
I began by cutting two pieces of fabric 21 inches square. I then instead of the putting the wrong sides together to stitch, stitched around the two pieces of fabric, with one the right way and one showing the reverse side. This is so that my finished bag will show both sides of the fabric. If you make this and you don't want that to happen, just stitch with the right sides together. 
Before you begin to stitch remember -you will need to leave a little gap for turning the fabric inside out. I've shown it here between the two pins in the middle of one of the edges.

Step two
Before you turn the fabric inside out and hide the seams, cut across the corner, so that they will lie flat and be easier to push through.

Push out each of the corners - I use the rounded end of an unpicker to do mind but you could use a blunt pencil, just be careful you don't push too hard and come through the seam.

You know have something that looks like a cushion cover, you stop here, and use it as a cushion cover if you want to!
Step three
Or you can press on and make the bag. Here is my press - I find it gets better results than an iron (excuse my breadmaker in the photo!).

Once you've pressed the seams nice and flat you can top stitch around the whole piece, taking care to fold in the seam of the little gap you left.
If you remember, I used two different cotton colours to stitch with. As you can see in this photo below, the other side has yellow stitching, whilst the photo above shows the green stitching.
Step four
Now take your piece and fold in from the bottom and top to the centre - as shown here. Slightly overlaping. This will be the bag base.
Then stitch two lines half an inch either side of the middle - so you will have two lines of stitching one inch apart.

Step five
Now fold the other two corners together and stitch up the sides
Step six
Flatten out the corners
 and stitch one inch across - like this. This will form the bag base and square it off.
Step seven
Now turn the whole thing inside out.

The inside will look like this
and the outside will look like this

I've then folded down the flap to close the bag. I decided to add some buttons and ribbon to finish it off. You will see it now also has a strap. I made this long enough to go across my body. I cut two lengths of material and stitched them together. Then I made a sleeve by stitching down one side and then turning it inside out - that probably took the longest time in making this bag LOL! 
Because I stitched with one of the sides of material on the wrong side - the back of the bag looks like this
After I attached the strap I also added some co-ordinating buttons and ribbon  where the strap meets the bag.

 I really enjoyed using this fabric and thanks to Hillarys for sending me the fabric and letting me take part.

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Great tutorial and I love what you made!
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