Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Clarity makes

It was the monthly Clarity worksop last Saturday. We spent most of the day making this lovely folding birthday book. There are two panels left over and so I will be using those for something else soon.

Then we did a quick technique that can be used to disguise a less than perfect stencil print. I was amazed that it actually came out perfectly - when it didn't need to! But I still blew the ink!

Then we took the same stencil flipped it and used the left over ink to get the reverse image. This left part of the image unprinted and I forgot to take a photo whilst it was like that. When I got home I originally planned just to draw in the missing detail, but got zentangling and couldn't stop.


brenda said...

Lovely images and design Lynn and just love those bold colours on the middle one.

B x

Dortesjs said...

stunning images love it

Lynn Dalby said...

Very clever. Love the Tulips.

Barb said...

It sounds as if your class was a lot of fun. A lovely selection of makes and what a great idea to zentangle in the tulips. They look really lovely. Barbxx