Rainbow snippets

I saw this video by Jennifer McGuire on making rainbow cards and thought what a fabulous idea to use up snippets. In case you don't want to watch it she uses a shredder to cut all the little strips of card. Great I thought - this is going to be so easy and I had a little daydream of Miss Di presenting me with an award for services to snippets or at least a gold star!!!!!!!

I got my snippets - emptied my shredder so I didn't contaminate the snippets and began. That is where my dream ends - my shredder is not like Jennifer's it does this.........

I wasn't deterred - I remembered I had these security scissors. So I used those, but the strips were not going to be long enough.
So I cut through from each end and then with a normal pair of scissors I cut through the strips. Now at this point it was ok I was still channelling Jennifer!
However, by the time I had cut a lot more card I was beginning to regret even attempting this. I was just making more snippets and more mess. I thought originally that sticking them onto an adhesive sheet was the way to go, but I noticed Jennifer used a tape runner, so as she knows better than me that is what I did.

When I had finished I was not impressed but I wasn't wasting all that effort. So I got a few heart dies and the cards you see are the end result. Off to the snippet playground to share my efforts! I can only say they don't look so rough in real life and not so close up!


Di said…
A GREAT idea with a super result Lynn. I can imagine how much time you spent - why does Jennifer always make things look so flipping easy-peasy? Ha, I wonder if you still ended up with a few snippets left?


Di xx
brenda said…
Great idea Lynn and so effective.

B x
Barb said…
I had to laugh at your post Donna. I've done things like this too. Anyway - you ended up with two really beautiful rainbow cards. Barbxx
Mac Mable said…
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Mac Mable said…
Gold star it is! Such perseverance. I have been known to persevere too and often wonder why I keep going?...is it something in us crafters when we get and idea in our heads? So glad you kept going producing the two fun and creative cards and thanks for bringing a smile to my face whilst reading your post x
These are Wonderful cards, love the colours.
Claire said…
Brilliant cards and well worth the time taken bc they look great x